Planting trees

October 13, 2019 julieshealing

It’s the weekend. Yesterday we spent the day together with Tim at our wooden cabin to replant some trees.
Fall has arrived. Leafs are falling from the trees and turning into this automn-y golden hue. The air is crisp and it’s been raining for most days.
We spent the whole day together with Tim – like really together, not him doing stuff and me lying down – no. I was with him in the rain and in the mud, with the shovel, helping him dig out holes to plant the trees. We came back home soaked and covered in mud, took a warm shower and watched a movie with a warm banana choco milkshake under a fluffy blanket.
Tim looked at me and said: “This feels so good. That we’re starting to do stuff together again”. I agreed and smiled.

We got this wooden cabin earlier this year, and back then we had to use a wheelchair to access it as it is a little far from where we park the car. A few months later and I can walk there, and help plant trees.
I feel so blessed.

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