My story 

I grew up in the South of France in a loving family, feeling perfectly healthy, playing the piano and dancing ballet.

At age 16, I got bit by a tick and also received 3 shots of the HPV vaccine.
I also started stressful studies, ate processed foods and went to bed late. That’s when I started developing symptoms, the main ones were:
– Muscle cramps
– Burning feet and difficulty standing on my feet for long times
– Blurred vision and need of prescription glasses
– Chronic UTIs
– Chronic digestive problems and stomach pain every time I ate
– Chronic diarrhea
– Occasional muscle paralysis in legs

The next years, I visited many doctors and specialists who prescribed antibiotics for the UTIs, immodiums every day for the diarrhea and benzos to keep my muscles relaxed and my anxiety under control. 

Only I didn’t know that suppressing symptoms was only going to make them worse later down the road. 

And that’s exactly what happened.

Other symptoms started adding up to the list: 

– Brain fog
– Vertigo
– Extreme dizziness 



And then one day in February 2015, at age 25, as I was doing some yoga on the floor, my muscles went into paralysis and I spent 2 weeks in the hospital, unable to walk.

Lots of specialists and 5000 euros later, I received a diagnosis: Chronic lyme disease.


I cried that day, because people could finally see that I wasn’t crazy: I had something real, and they started believing me. 

So there I was, “happy” to have finally received an official diagnosis, and I started a long antibiotherapy program from a renown doctor in Belgium.

4 weeks after I started the treatment, I got to my worst point. I was so sick that I couldn’t even stand up, I couldn’t lift my own glass of water, go to the bathroom myself, and even shower. I was laying down on my bed all day every day, sleeping 6 hours a day and 14 hours a night. I needed the wheelchair for everything inside the house, and I didn’t have any visitors for 4 months as a simple conversation would leave me completely depleted and exhausted to the point that I was fainting.


I called my doctor at that point and told him how bad I was feeling. He was annoyed that I scheduled this “emergency call” and that I wasn’t physically there at his practice. “Why aren’t you there? “He asked. I replied: “I can’t. I can barely move and hold my head straight. I had to go back to my parents who are taking care of me”.

The phone conversation lasted 4 minutes and 32 seconds. I remember that moment as if it was yesterday. He said he would send a new list of new medicine to take, and barely answered my questions.

That phone call was a wake up call for me. I hang up the phone, in tears and shaking. Then I got angry.  
I was done.
I was done being let down by medicine, done being a simple puppet in this whole game.

That very moment marked a big turn in my healing journey, because it’s when I decided that I would heal 100% naturally, on my own. 

At that time I came across the work of Medical Medium on social media and I started seeing how thousands of people were healing from all sorts of diseases using plant medicine, fruits, vegetables and wild herbs.

I got intrigued and went full in overnight: I changed my diet, started taking natural supplements and herbs.

My progress was slow but I knew I took the good decision. Some people in my life didn’t support this choice but eventually I didn’t care. It’s my body and my life. I was in contact with people who had healed this way and they gave me so much hope that I could heal too.
Months passed and I was able to go back home to my boyfriend where we live in The Netherlands. I was still in a wheelchair, and times were difficult, but I knew I was healing. 

That time was the most challenging of all because I didn’t get much support from people around me. Luckily my boyfriend understood what I was going through and he stood by my choices, which meant the world to me. I had to rest a lot, avoid toxic people and focus on my goal: healing. 

After 5 months of detox following the Medical Medium protocol, I started developing a LOT of acne which was the sign that my channels of elimination weren’t open – or that I was detoxing too aggressively with herbs and foods. I started upping my intake of raw foods and consumed nothing but fruits and vegetables – in their whole raw, organic, unprocessed form. The acne went away in 3 months and I started feeling a major shift in my nervous system and my muscle strength. 

Staying in the wheelchair the whole time and lots of detox promoting foods, I lost a lot of weight. At some point I was weighing 39 kilos for 1m67.

At that time I also changed my mindset and shifted my attitude from being a victim to feeling empowered and in charge of my own recovery.

I started meditating a lot and doing deep breathing practices, which had a profound impact in my recovery. Everyday I would visualize myself healed and I would train my mind to feel the emotions associated with that mental image.  

That’s 1,5 years after I started healing naturally that I truly felt a big shift. I said goodbye to the wheelchair, started seeing more people, walking small distances and was able to swim in the sea again for short distances. My skin cleared up, I was putting on weight again and my chronic digestive problems no longer existed.

I started feeling the best I had since I got ill – knowing deep inside of me that healing was possible and that I would recover 100% of my capacities. 

I have a lot of goals for 2020: I want to walk more than 1km without tiring, I want to bike again, and drive a car. And trust me, I’ll reach them. 

With this blog I want to help people know that healing is already inside them – and that they have access to this immense power.

If you are reading this, know that you are not alone and I am here for you.

Keep hoping. Healing is real.