Could cavitations be the reason behind your chronic illness?

October 23, 2019 julieshealing
BLOG >> Healing >> Could Cavitations be the reason behind your chronic illness?

"Hidden infections in extracted tooth sockets can be the root cause of mysterious symptoms. Cavitation symptoms can range from chronic fatigue, cancer, heart problems, ringing in the ears, migraines, chiropractic, digestion to many other unexplained symptoms."

Susan Luschas

This is a topic that I just recently heard about, and I can’t deny the impressive number of testimonials that I’ve read from chronically ill people finding out that the true cause of their illness was hidden in their jaw, years after they’ve had a teeth pulled or their wisdom teeth removed. 

This blog post is still in draft mode,

but meanwhile I still wanted to publish it to share the list of contacts and overall tips and information that I’ve compiled on this topic, for those who are interested and who might need this info right now.

Hopefully that will help! Please do not hesitate to share your experience on this Topic on the Forum so that it helps others who might be going through the same. 


3D Cone Beam Scan

Is the name of the special x-ray to find the infection pockets in your jaw. It is a well known scan in the dentist world, however not every dentist has this machine in their practice as it is expensive and it’s a substantial investment. 
Here is short video showing what this scan looks like in action

Highly recommended specialists trained to diagnose and treat these infection pockets after tooth removal

Dr Dominik Nischwitz, Germany Youtube, web, insta: @drdome1
Swiss Biohealth Clinic in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland (advanced state of the art holistic technology)
Dr Babette Klein in Hamburg, Germany (amazing lady and half the price of Swiss Biohealth)

Dr Alireza Panahpour, Santa Monica ( UPDATE: do NOT go to this doctor, he’s been reported to be a fraud 
Dr Thomas Jarvis, Mill Valley, CA
Dr Taylor Edmond, WA
Dr Kelly Blodgett, Portland, Oregon @blodgettdentalcare
Dr Yuriy May, Connecticut 

Dr Lisa Matriste: Laser + Holistic Dental in South Yarra Melbourne in Victoria
Karrinyup Perth : Ozone Dentistry in Western Australia

DMD Jesus Carlos Ornelas, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico


More ressources:

Amazing info, tips and checklist for cavitations and cavitation surgery
VIDEO: Cavitation Surgery – Lessons Learned, Tips & Checklist
FB group on root canals and cavitations
– Book “Toxic Dentistry” on Amazon
– Learn more about what a cavitation is in this article
– Documentary “Root cause” (removed from Netflix because of controversy)
– Daisy White : Health advocate who goes often to the Swiss Biohealth clinic to help people (web)
– Herbs to help with radiation from X-rays and scans: new formula NO GLO from Dr Morse

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