Day 647 – since I started this natural healing protocol

October 10, 2019 julieshealing

I was calculating the number of days that passed since I embarked on this healing journey, and I have to say i’m shocked to see it’s already been 647 days.

647 days that I changed my diet – for the better. 647 days with no gluten, no dairy, no animal products, no refined sugar, and eating an abundance of organic, fresh and juicy fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

I don’t feel like it’s been that long that I haven’t eaten all the other ingredients, and frankly I don’t miss them. Because I’ve completely re-educated myself on what true food is and most importantly, I see how this diet has healed me so much. Some symptoms that I had since childhood have completely resolved, to my surprise. No more chronic diarrhea, stomach pain, acne, oily skin, nail fungus, chronic UTIs, muscle cramps, painful menstruations. I can’t wait to continue and see my other symptoms completely vanish and finally live a pain free life.

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