This blog is what I wish I had found when I first started surfing online in an attempt to heal myself from chronic lyme disease.

I spent hours upon hours reading every forum, every facebook group, watching every documentary, book, article, post… first it wasn’t about how I could heal, it was about finding someone – anyone – with the same symptoms as I had. I wanted to know that I wasn’t crazy and that what I was experiencing was REAL.

And when I would find this person, I would ask them exactly what they did to heal – and I’d do that. exactly the same. Only, it didnt happen that way.

I didnt really find that person I was looking for. Instead, I found thousands of people – young people – suffering from a whole range of debilitating symptoms and unable to live their lives to the fullest. We all had something in commun: we were sick, undiagnosed for most, misunderstood and doctors didn’t know how to help us.

Very soon I started to question all the etiquettes we were putting on symptoms, leading to an official diagnostic, but pretty much stopping there. Why are most autoimmune conditions today from unknown causes? How come there isn’t a protocol that is working today LONG TERM in the world of conventional medecine? Why are so many people taking advice from other sick people on instagram rather than their own doctor?

I started then to understand that dis – ease was merely an accumulation of waste in the body and mind and that symptoms are just the body’s way of telling us that something is blocked and we need to allow fluidity to restore health. AND THIS APPLIES TO PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING.

If you can relate to anything I said above, then this blog is for you.

It’s a road map to health, based on my own experience and what i’ve learned. The blog posts won’t be a series of bullet point you can find everywhere… they will be based on MY VERY OWN EXPERIENCE. With data when possible, with photos, with time frames and with tips. I will also share – in the form of interviews – the experience of others who have healed in similar ways, so we can all learn from people who have actually WALKED THAT PATH.

This blog is a healing platform, where we can all learn from each other.

It’s time to awaken the healer in you, to unlock your true health potential !

You know yourself best. Your body loves you so much, and it fights on your side everyday for you to heal and thrive. This blog will hopefully teach you how to make that happen, get your life back and THRIVE my friends!


Please note: this blog is still under construction, but lots of posts and interviews are coming soon!